The Lightswing is a Dutch invention that makes it easy for you to move around pendant lamps. The Lightswing consists of a circular base plate, a sliding and rotating arm and a quick-connect coupling. The base plate is fitted over the lighting point and the pendant lamp is fitted to the quick-connect coupling.

The power supply to the lighting point runs through the arm. So all you have to do is connect the quick-connect coupling and the lamp to the arm and you can then move the lamp around up to 80 cm. In any direction! Cover caps are included so you won’t see the screws that hold base plate against the ceiling. As not all ceilings are perfectly smooth, the adjusting screw ensures the arm of the Lightswing runs parallel to the ceiling at all times.

The Lightswing Single can carry one pendant lamp while the Lightswing Twin has quick-connect couplings on both ends. The Lightswing can carry pendant lamps weighing up to 3.5 kilos each.

Light wherever you want it!

Light up whatever spot you need. It seems simple but sometimes, the ceiling lighting point is not in the location where you want it. The Lightswing enables you to move your pendant lamp towards your table rather than the other way around. You can also hang your lamp over your desk so you don’t sit in your own shadow.

Want to change your interior? Easy.

Because The Lightswing is easy to slide and turn, it’s very easy to change your interior every now and then. During summer, for instance, because the sliding door is open all the time and the table is in the way. Or because you like to move your table a quarter turn every now and then. Or because you’re having guests and you need to extend the table. The Lightswing ensures your lamp hangs right in the centre of your table. Which looks much better.

Smart Convenience

The Lightswing is unmitigated smart convenience. The Lightswing has a convenient quick release which you suspend your pendant lamp from. It also means you can temporarily remove it for a party or dinner, for instance. And if you buy a second quick-connect coupling, you can even vary your lamps. A Christmas star over your table during Christmas and a mirror ball for a children’s party.

The ingenious suspension system for pendant lamps

Choose the Lightswing to go with your house

Light up whatever spot you need. The Lightswing ensures your pendant lamp can be moved around easily. Light wherever you want it.

Lightswing Single from 99,95

Lightswing Twin from 149,95