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How to fit the Lightswing

Fitting the Lightswing is easy: just follow the steps shown in the assembly video. If you’d rather read the assembly manual first, that’s no problem. You can find it here

Just three steps and you’ll never have to worry about it again!

  • Remove your current suspended light.
  • Fit the Lightswing
  • Connect your suspended light to the Lightswing

Fitting ring

A fitting ring is supplied as standard with the Lightswing (white, black and stainless steel). The fitting ring makes it possible to place the Lightswing not only over the central fitting in the ceiling but at any desired place. You attach the fitting ring to the ceiling first and then assemble the Lightswing on the fitting ring. The fitting ring is available in two colours: white and black.

Adjusting the feet

As standard, the Lightswing has adjuster feet. Screwing the adjusters in or out lets you align the Lightswing with the ceiling.

How to align the Lightswing

  • Determine which foot has to be screwed out.
  • Position the foot above the Lightswing’s bolt.
  • Turn the adjuster foot until the Lightswing is hanging straight.

Light chains or steel wires

If you have a suspended light that has a steel wire or chain as well as a wire, that’s no problem! Hooks can be fitted to the end of the Lightswing that the steel wires can be attached to (see illustration). On request, we can send you either one or two hooks. Please contact our service department for this.

Quick release

The Lightswing has 1 (Single) or 2 (Twin) quick releases as standard. The quick release makes it easy to fit hanging lights quickly or remove them temporarily. Order an extra quick release so that you can change suspended lights easily.

How to use the quick release

  • Remove the quick release from the Lightswing
  • Attach the light’s wire to the quick release
  • Slide the quick release back in the Lightswing.

Afmetingen / specificaties

The Lightswing is available as Single and Twin. The Lightswing single is suitable for 1 hanging lamp. The Lightswing Twin is suitable for 1 or 2 hanging lamp (s)

  • Ceiling rose diameter 12.5 cm
  • Length of the Lightswing 90 cm
  • Maximum load (per side) 3.5 kg
  • Motion range 80 cm
  • Rotation range 360°
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From € 149,95

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