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How does the Lightswing work?

The Lightswing is a flexible suspension system for pendant lights. Pendant lights can be easily and quickly moved with the Lightswing.  Put the system up once and you are always able to move your pendant lamps to the right place.

  • Move your pendant lamps in a simple way.
  • Easy to disconnect and change lamps.
  • Available for one or two lamps
  • Suitable for all pendant lamps up to 3.5 kg
  • Easy to assemble on any desired place.

Move your pendant lamps in a simple way.

The Lightswing is the suspension system that lets you quickly and easily move the light connection point for your pendant lamps.

The Lightswing can move up to 80 cm in any direction and rotates through 360°. The handy quick release at the end lets you swap lights quickly or remove them temporarily.

  • Freely movable
  • Turns 360° degrees
  • Moves up to 80 cm
  • Total diameter of 160 cm

Available for one or two lamps

There are two variants of the Lightswing. The Lightswing single and the Lightswing Twin. The single is made for one pendant lamp and the Twin for two pendant lamps. The Lightswing twin has on both ends a quick release, it can also be used with one pendant lamp. Both variants have the same specifications and same dimensions.


  • Available in 7 stylish colors
  • The total length of the Lightswing is 90 cm
  • The ceiling plate has a diameter of 12.5 cm
  • At any place on the ceiling

Easy to disconnect and change lamps.

The Lightswing is standard equipped with 1 (single) or 2 (twin) quick releases. The quick release makes it easy to change your lamp or to remove your lamp temporally. Order an extra quick release, it makes changing your pedant lamps easier.

  • Adjust your interior infinitely
  • Easily change or unplug your pedant lamp
  • Your pedant lamp will never be in the way during parties.

Suitable for all hanging lamps up to 3.5 kg.

The Lightswing is suitable for hanging lamps with a weight of max. 3.5 kg. The Lightswing Twin can handle this on both sides thanks to its strong construction. The Twin can handle a total weight of 7 kg.
Thanks to the standard adjustable leveling feet, the Lightswing always hangs straight along the ceiling.

  • Sterke constructie
  • Altijd recht langs het plafond
  • Tot wel 3,5 kg per hanglamp

Pendant lamps with a chain or steel wire.

Do you have a pedant lamp with a cord and a steel wire or a chain? This is not a problem for the Lightswing! It is possible to assemble a screw eye at the end of the Lightswing. The steel wire or chain can be attached to the screw eye.

We send on request screw eyes. Please contact our service department for screw eyes.

Easy to assemble on any desired place.

The mounting ring comes standard with the Lightswing (white, black and stainless steel). This ring can be used if it’s not possible to assemble the Lightswing over the central distribution box (see image). The mounting ring makes it possible to assemble the Lightswing on any desired place.

  • Unplug your current pendant lamp.
  • Assemble the Lightswing
  • Connect your pendant lamp to the Lightswing.