Move your light

Light up whatever spot you need. The Lightswing ensures your pendant lamp can be moved around easily. Light wherever you want it.

The ingenious suspension system for pendant lamps


Light wherever you want it

Lighting point in an awkward spot? Want to change your interior? Want to move your table a quarter turn? Place to make your homework? The Lightswing puts your lamp where you want it.

Easy to move around

By shifting and turning the Lightswing it’s easy to move your pendant lamp around. It can be shifted up to 80 cm in any direction. The convenient quick release at the end enables you to exchange lamps quickly, or to temporarily remove them for a party, for instance.

Suitable for nearly every pendant lamp

The Lightswing is the ultimate suspension system of all pendant lamps! You fit the Lightswing over the existing lighting point in your ceiling. The Lightswing Single can easily carry a lamp weighing up to 3.5 kilos. The Lightswing Twin is suitable for two lamps weighing up to 3.5 kilos each.

What is the Lightswing?

The Lightswing is a Dutch invention that makes it easy for you to move around pendant lamps. The Lightswing consists of a circular base plate, a sliding and rotating arm and a quick-connect coupling. The base plate is fitted over the lighting point and the pendant lamp is fitted to the quick-connect coupling.
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Want to change your interior? Easy.

The Lightswing is easy to slide and turn so suddenly, it’s very easy to change your interior every now and then. During summer, for instance, because the sliding door is open all the time and the table is in the way. Or because you like to move your table a quarter turn every now and then. Or because you’re having guests and you need to extend the table. The Lightswing ensures your lamp hangs right in the centre of your table. Which looks much better.
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The ingenious suspension system for pendant lamps

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The Lightswing is available in two different models, the Lightswing Single and the Lightswing Twin. Please make a selection below.

Lightswing Single from 99,95

Lightswing Twin from 149,95