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Product description

The Lightswing is the suspension system that lets you quickly and easily move where your hanging lights are.

The Lightswing can move up to 80 cm in any direction and rotates through 360°. The handy quick release at the end also lets you swap lights over quickly or remove them temporarily.

  • The hanging lamp can always be moved freely by simply turning and sliding.
  • With the handy quick release at the end you can easily unplug hanging lamps
  • Easy to assemble



Changing the interior

The Lightswing can be both rotated and shifted. This makes it easy to move the lighting so that it is always hanging right above the table!

Disconnecting hanging lights

The Lightswing has a handy quick release at the end so that you can temporarily remove or swap suspended lights. Useful for a party, for example.

Simple to fit

Hanging up suspended lighting has never been so simple. You fit the Lightswing on the ceiling and then attach one or more hanging lights from it using the quick release. And that’s it! More about fitting


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Satisfied customers


Satisfied customers


Happy with the Lightswing

When we’d just moved house, our lighting wasn’t above the table. That was a real pain... At first, we wanted to move the light using cable ducting. Until we discovered the Lightswing! Thanks to the Lightswing, more hanging light is right above the dining table. Wonderful! And on top of that, we can now move our hanging light easily. Super!

Easy to use

We were looking for a suspension system that would let us connect two lights to a single lighting point. That’s when we came across the Lightswing. The Lightswing is ideal if you want to have two lamps hanging above the dining table.

Easy to assemble

The instructions made assembling it a simple job. The fitting video on the website also explains very clearly how you should assemble the Lightswing. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. And it looks great

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